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Nov 25, 1997
3:34 PM

Dear J. D. Salinger,I really enjoyed your book The Catcher In The Rye. My

english teacher gave it to us to read as a class assignment. From the

beging of the book it got me very interested. I see alot of myself in

Holden. I am often undecided on what I want to do in my life. I even

at times do distructive things such as Holden. I am 16 yrs. old just as Holden

So I understand what he was going thorough. Please more good books such as

The Catcher In The Rye.

Yours truly

Joanna Padmore.

Joanna Padmore

Nov 24, 1997
5:35 PM

Dear J. D. Salinger,

My name is Guillermo Tejeda and I have to find out what does J.D. stand

for in your name and where were you born?


P.S. I loved your book " The Catcher in the Rye"

Guillermo Tejeda

Nov 23, 1997
12:41 PM

Dear J. D. Salinger,

Question: Can time really stand still?

peter hall

Nov 22, 1997
6:48 PM

Dear J. D. Salinger,

Come again, I can''t hear where you are

trying to stay at a distance, close

to my heart, a voice, ever and more refined

away to better understand the path

chosen and held in the light

that was never your sole intention

your word gave life to an otherwise

dry and shallow literary pond

frozen and sealed by critical masses

and to you the world privately owes

depth and the magic grace

to inspire beyond the generations

so come again, to reveal that lost playland

locked in by the mysterious shore

come again, a child, not to be held at bay

in the line of past defense, we will catch on

and meet you in your own time

come again, to play the field, a child once more .

edmond van zandt

Nov 22, 1997
10:45 AM

Dear J. D. Salinger,

Concluding on from your books, you have not only changed my life, but the life of those

around me. I will keep your books close to me. Thank you.

Phil Ward

Phil Ward

Nov 22, 1997
4:33 PM

Dear J. D. Salinger,

You know, the strangest transformation has occured

in me since I finished my journey with the animated and cynical Holden Caulfield. I am

beginning to think like him. It''s odd, and maybe a bit disturbing, but I am sure of it. My

mind has been warped by the skepticism of a disillusioned character from a book! That

kills me! (I told you I''m starting to think like him!) Being a teenager myself, I am

trepidatious to admit that I waited until my senior year to delve into Holden''s life, and

commmit to be forever enlightened by his intuitivness. I am intrigued by you wariness of

the limelight, and of Hollywood''s tendency to ruin the spirit and brilliance of someone like

you. I would like to know you, to understand your motives for being such a notorious

recluse. I''m on to you, Mr. Salinger. You''ve captivated my interest, and nothing will

eradicate that. I''ll be off to college next fall, and my goal is to become a journalist. You,

my friend, are my prime suspect. I believe it''s about time you relinquish you secrecy and

give in to the curiosity of your fans. I''m sorry that old Shirlie Blaney destroyed your trust

in the press, but it''s time for an interview. Take it into consideration. Take my offer as the

conductor of this long-awaited interview into consideration. It''s time...

Holly Rich

Holly Rich

Nov 20, 1997
12:14 PM

Dear J. D. Salinger,

Hey there. How are you this fine cloudy day? I am a student at Ayala High

in California. I am doing a research/analysis paper on you and your works

because you are a distinguished and fine author in which I would hope to write like

someday. You are a very interesting author and I can relate greatly to your

writing. I was wondering if you could tell me where I can find some good information


yourself and your stories. I would greatly appreciate this and send me a

picture of yourself. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please write

back as soon as possible.

Always and forever,

Mr. De Narvaman

written by naniael gelvlis

Jason Lauren De Narvaman (Naniael Gelvlis)

Nov 20, 1997
10:08 PM

Dear J. D. Salinger,

I am a junior at Gulf Breeze High. I am doing my annual research paper on your writing.

I was very intrigued by_Catcher in the Rye_and am currently reading_Nine Stories_. My

original topic for this paper was how your schooling experience affected the story line

in_Catcher in the Rye_. As you may find it hard to believe I have had trouble finding

information on this topic. I have also considered the topic of how your experience in WW2

affected your writings. If you could help me out in any way, shape, or form, I would truly

appreciate it.


Matt Lauterbach


Matt Lauterbach

Nov 20, 1997
10:59 AM

Dear J. D. Salinger,

I am a high school student at Auburn High School in Auburn Massachusetts and I am

writing to you in regards of the mastery of your writings in the book of short stories Nine

Stories and I would personally like to tell you that your work is brilliant and I thank you

for all you have taught me through your writings. The reason we are reading your stories is

not only for the personal enjoyment butalso for the psychiological aspects of the teaching

and understanding and the knowledge of your work and what it has brought to my psych

through literature course.So in behalf of my entire class and our teacher and mentor and

genius Mr. Ronald Prouty we would just like to thank you.

Michael Hackett